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Farmers and agricultural landowners are important to us because we genuinely appreciate the value the agricultural industry brings to our nation. Farming and ranching is hard work, and in times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater. Our goal is to assist in any way we can when it comes to financing – making the process easier for you, so you can focus on your day-to-day operations.

Agricultural loans are available for farmsrancheshobby farms, and county side estates. Operations including vineyards, equestrian facilities, dairy farms, groves, and tree-nut farms also qualify for our agricultural loans. Most of our programs offer up to 30 years amortization with no prepayment penalties.

The minimum loan amount is $400,000 with 70% loan to value offered in all states. At this time we have a $50,000,000 maximum loan amount. All borrowers need a minimum credit score of 680 or better to qualify. Adjustable and fixed rates are available and you can feel safe uploading your loan information online with our completely secure form-uploading feature. Most loans have payments that are due monthly or semi-annually, but we are able to set up an annual payment if special arrangements are made. Your enterprise can even be as small as 20 acres of land.

If you decide to begin the loan application process, United Farm offers our customers a password-protected and completely secure uploader where you can submit the necessary files. This unique feature eliminates any risk of having your personal information breached or stolen over the Internet. You can feel safe and comfortable transferring any documents with personal information & data knowing it is always thoroughly secured and stays private.

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Agriculture Lender

Agricultural, farm, timber and general land loans

Each farmer has unique needs based on activities on his farm. Getting credit from commercial institutions becomes a challenge because of their stringent and restrictive terms. United Farm Mortgage specializes in financial support for farm owners. This enables the owners to access flexible terms that match their agricultural activities and output.

The lending products target farmers in full-time and part-time agricultural activities. You will get finances to enable you fulfill your farming dreams. The packages include long term fixed rate loans, low and flexible interest rates. This will keep your land in operation throughout and also profitable.

Do you have a timber ranch, cattle ranch or any ranch that is involved in agriculture? Are you in need of reliable financial support through flexible loans and lines of credit? Talk to our officers for the best packages. United Farm Mortgage provides funds to purchase new farms, expand existing ones, improve on ongoing activities, etc. Present your proposal to the office for swift approval and wiring of funds.

Recreational And Large Tracks Of Land Loans

Do you want to invest in such recreational activities as fishing, wildlife, hunting, etc? Do you want to engage in conservation targeting wildlife on a large piece of land and need initial capital? United Farm Mortgage will finance your dream through a flexible and customized loan. With experts in recreation agriculture and full understanding of this segment, you are guaranteed a flexible loan that meets your needs and expectations. The loan can be used to purchase, improve the recreation pack, add unique features, etc.

Short Lines of Credit

Agricultural activities are highly seasonal and do not guarantee constant flow of returns unlike other businesses. Your farm still requires funds for daily operations. There is a flexible loan facility to enable you bridge the running needs during hard financial times. It is designed with your crops or animals in mind such that you remain afloat until the next harvest season. The rates are flexible and highly customized. Loans are secured by Real Estate only.

United Farm pays close attention to the unique needs of each farmer. You are guaranteed flexible terms that give you the comfort to effectively operate your farm. With a revolving line of credit, your operations will never be crippled because of finances. Consult our agricultural lending experts to develop a customized plan.

Agricultural Finance Programs

The needs of farmers differ significantly from those of other businesses. This is why any farmer should seek financial support from an agricultural firm as opposed to an ordinary commercial bank. At the face, the harvest seasons are far apart. This also reflects your liquidity status since you have to wait for the sale of produce to get money. The intervening months are likely to be characterized by financial hardships to the point of crippling your activities. This will cripple your future financial plans and compromise your agribusiness. The firm provides a rolling line of credit that provides sufficient liquidity to your farm. Loans are secured by Real Estate only. 

Financing for Ranchers

Large farms are labor and finance intensive. They demand a lot of money especially initial investment. It takes a bank that is passionate about agricultural finance to deliver a long term solution. For instance, a ranch used for agricultural recreation purposes like fishing and wildlife might take time to bring returns. It will be a huge mistake to turn to commercial banks that will breathe down your neck every month. You need a company that understands the seasonal element of ranching and thus offer such a flexible facility.

Rural Infrastructure

Connecting to the national grid is an intensive project that many ranchers and large track owners might shy away from. What if you want to set up an own broadcast tower, cell towers, wind farm, solar farm, etc to make utility services more reliable? The best partner is an agricultural finance lender. The lender offers a customized package to enable you achieve your dream of self sufficiency. This happens through a flexible and customized package that takes your operations to account.

Consult out specialist in farm loans and financing of agricultural projects. We understand your need for finances and how your farm generates money. We will provide a reliable source of funds to keep your running regardless of the season. For all your farming financial needs, consult a farm friendly agricultural firm.

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At United Farm Mortgage, we recognize the importance of farmers of all types to the vitality and prosperity of our great nation. Those in the agricultural industry are, in a lot of ways, the backbone of our country. They provide the foods we eat and many of the raw materials we need to keep our lives running smoothly. It is undeniable that farmers provide so much for our daily lives; we are forever grateful.

Farmers and agricultural landowners are important to us due to our genuine appreciation of the value that the agricultural industry brings to our nation. Farming and ranching is hard work, both physically and mentally. There are many strains put on the body while working in the fields or with livestock and after the day is done concerning the financial aspects of agricultural operation. In the unfortunately frequent times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges and stressful impacts are even greater. Our goal is to assist in any way we can when it comes to financing. We want to make the process of financing your agricultural operation as quick and easy as possible so you can get back to daily life.

Why Might a Farmer Need a Loan?

There are a lot of different factors that go into why a farmer or other agriculturalist may decide they need a loan. The most common reason is some type of economic hardship caused by issues with the general economy, the crop yield, the weather, or some other factor out of the farmer’s control. That being said, there are a lot of other things that can cause an agricultural specialist to need to take out a temporary loan.

Simply needing new inputs like seeds, tools, replacement parts for machinery, and other essentials can sometimes get rather expensive and make a loan necessary. Some farmers also take out loans to have a little bit of backup money in a savings account. This is especially common with farmers who are just starting or are starting to come out of economic issues, as the safety net allows them a bit more confidence and stability, especially since they can usually easily pay back the loan in the future when they have a larger crop yield.

Farmers also often take loans when looking to work on their facilities or looking to expand on their existing farmland. This makes it easier for them to get what they need to create more crop spacing, fenced animal areas, machinery access, workers, or whatever else they may need to better their farm as a whole. This investment usually pays off if it was well planned, as the new crops can bring in more revenue, and the better quality tools and establishment can make work much easier, cutting down on time spent preparing for planting or harvesting and allowing things to move along much more easily.

All of these reasons are perfectly valid and offer benefits to the farmers. If they can repay the loan amount they have chosen before they run out of time, having a loan available may be a good idea since it can help take some pressure off and make the entire venture much less frustrating. A safety net can make all of the difference in your ability to get the work you need done completed, allowing you to focus on further improving your business model and expanding into something truly great and positively progressive.

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Why United Farm Mortgage?

United Farm Mortgage

Our customers are important to us because we genuinely appreciate the value the agricultural industry brings to our nation. Farming and ranching is hard work, and in times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater.

United Farm Mortgage

We understand complex financial structures as well as the issues attached with family-owned farms with multiple owners, and specialize in sibling buyouts. We have done many ranch loans for families in various states, and offer farm loans to the agricultural community.

United Farm Mortgage

Our services are designed to fit your financial needs and enable you to grow your business in the easiest way possible. Location is not an issue as we service farm and agricultural properties in all 50 states.

Who We Help

Through our efforts, we have been able to provide agricultural loans to a wide range of different agricultural formats. This includes farms, ranches, hobby farms, and countryside estates, alike, as well as other operational ventures like vineyards, equestrian facilities, dairy farms, groves, and tree-nut farms. All of these qualify for our agriculture financial services since they provide the same level of necessary assets and vitalization to our economy and day to day life.

At this time, we work with and service agricultural entities in all fifty states, regardless of the size of the property. Our minimum size of twenty acres allows us to cater to larger entities and smaller family-owned farms alike, ensuring options for all avenues of the agricultural industry. Our basic loans are taken out only on the land the farm sits on but secondary equipment and livestock loans are available, too, with the real estate of the farm used as the backing collateral. This gives you options to further tailor the loan to your needs and preferences, as well. Being able to customize your loan makes it easier to get exactly what you need without any extra features that can drive up costs attached. This helps you to save money while still accessing the loan amount you require to keep operating comfortably and successfully. If well thought out and researched, agricultural loans can be a very good thing to access when you are struggling and need a bit of assistance to keep your farm up and functioning normally.

Our Loan Process

To help make the process easier and ensure you can make the payments you need without impacting the functionality of your operation or decreasing your personal quality of life, most of our programs offer up to thirty years of amortization with no prepayment penalties. This means that you can space out your loan payments to ensure you can cover them comfortably and easily over time with no penalties or hidden fees to worry about. We take this honest, client-friendly approach because, at our company’s core principles, we want to help you succeed in your agricultural venture, no matter how big or small it is. We even service land plots as small as twenty acres, standing by our belief that even smaller agricultural venues are equally important to our economy.

Currently, the minimum loan amount is $400,000 with a 70% loan to value offered in all states; likewise, the maximum value currently sits at $50,000,000. If you wish to qualify for one of our loans, you do need to have a credit score of 680 or higher at the time of the loan application. You can find out whether you qualify on our safe and secure online platform; the form uploading feature makes the process easy and helps to streamline the entire loan process, as well. Our goal is to make the entire venture as simple and comfortable as possible so we strive to provide easy access to any documentation or paperwork you may need and work to make it easier than ever to submit everything we need to get your loan processing and your money to you as soon as possible.

Adjustable and fixed rates are available upon request. We also offer the option for annual loan payments if requested, though special arrangements must be made since most loads have payments that are due monthly or semi-annually depending on the total value of the loan. These customizable aspects of the loan can help to make it easier for you to make payments and comfortably meet the required payment amounts. Providing these low impact, low-interest agricultural loans make it easier for us to assist those who need it during times of weather or economic hardship. We are here to help you stay on your feet even when the ground may feel shaky and less than solid. We have your best interest in mind every step of the way and will always make an effort to provide you with everything you need to succeed financially within the agricultural industry.

As agricultural mortgage lenders, we understand the importance of financial and personal safety. Due to this, we offer a completely secure and easy to use uploaded with organized folders to keep all of your files and documents neat and ready for review, consideration, and, hopefully, approval. This unique feature eliminates any risk of having your personal information breached or stolen over the Internet; we understand the importance of protecting your data and the reluctance many feel with entering sensitive information online and have worked to create an uploader that is as safe as possible to keep your data protected completely. You can feel safe and comfortable transferring any documents with personal information & data knowing it is always thoroughly secured and stays private.

For more information, please fill out our Inquire Now form to be contacted regarding your specific loan needs. We have more than twenty individual loan plan products that you can choose from and are equipped to help you decide which is the best fit for your agricultural entity. With your success being the first thing on our minds, we are more than happy to help you select the option we believe is right for your needs if you need assistance. Just fill out our form and we will be contacting you soon to figure out what type of loan is right for you and what repayment plan best suits your needs!

Who is United Farm Mortgage

For more than 35 years, United Farm Mortgage has worked to help those within the agricultural industry to get the assistance they need during times of economic, weather, or other hardship. We use our knowledge of the mortgage and loan industry to provide catered and individualized loan plan options to each client, ensuring they can get the care and coverage they need, no matter how big or small their property may be.

We understand that the process and paperwork of getting a professional farm loan can be a very overwhelming and confusing experience. We have reworked the entire process to make it easier, allowing you to skip the third parties, runarounds, and hidden fees, and jump directly to getting the money you need when you need it. Our team of professionals has insight into the industry that allows them to better plan and explain the process, making it easy to understand and navigate. We are a company that truly cares and we are always ready to help you with the process in any way we can. That is our promise to you!

The United Farm Mortgage Difference

As agricultural land mortgage loan providers, United Farm Mortgage works directly with farmers and other agriculturalists to provide the loans you need to make it through the tougher times. We bypass the predatory practices and hidden fees of some other mortgage and loan providers, working to provide agricultural financial services that are fair, reasonable, and created with you in mind. Our country needs farmers and all other agricultural specialists and efforts to support the industry must be in place if we hope to keep the economy and production of food items and raw materials flowing. Without you, the agriculturalists, this is not possible. That is why United Farm Mortgage promises to always provide low-interest agricultural loans and all of the assistance you need in setting up your financial loan repayment plan. We are here to help!

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