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Are you a dairy farmer looking to expand your business or purchase a new dairy farm? At United Farm Mortgage, we understand the unique financial needs of the agricultural industry, and we are here to help you secure the dairy farm loan you need to achieve your goals.

With over 35 years of experience in providing loans to American farmers and rural communities, we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the loan process with ease.

Types Of Timber Loans

At United Farm Mortgage, we offer a wide range of timber land loans to cater to the diverse needs of timberland owners and operators.

Forest And Timber Land Purchases

Whether you are expanding your existing timberland or venturing into the timber industry for the first time, our timber land purchase loan offers competitive financing to acquire the ideal forest and timber properties. Our expertise in the agricultural loan process ensures a smooth and efficient purchasing experience.


Sustainable forestry practices are vital for your timberland’s long-term health and productivity. Our reforestation loan provides the necessary funds to replant harvested areas and nurture new timber stands, helping you maintain thriving and sustainable land.

Equipment Purchases

To maximize the efficiency of your timber operations, having the right equipment is essential. Our equipment financing solutions enable you to invest in cutting-edge timber harvesting, processing, and transportation machinery. Upgrading your equipment can boost productivity and reduce operational costs.


Operating Lines Of Credit

Timberland management often requires continuous investment and ongoing expenses. Our operating lines of credit provide you with a flexible source of funding to cover day-to-day operational costs, manage seasonal fluctuations, and seize timely opportunities that arise in the timber industry.

Chipmills, Sawmills, And Other Processing Facilities

If you are involved in processing timber into chips, lumber, or other value-added products, our timber land loans can support your facility’s growth and modernization. We understand the specialized financing needs of processing facilities and can tailor loan packages to meet your unique requirements.

Refinancing Of Existing Debt

If you currently have loans with unfavorable terms or high-interest rates, our refinancing options can help you save on interest costs and improve your overall financial situation. Refinancing allows you to adjust your loan terms to better align with your current goals and cash flow.


Let Our 35 Years of Expertise Guide You...

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Why Choose United Farm Mortgage

Specialists In Agricultural Properties

We have a deep-rooted understanding of the agricultural industry and extensive experience in financing timberland properties. Our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of timber land loans, ensuring you get the best solution for your needs.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where your timberland is located, we’ve got you covered. We proudly offer our timber land loans in all 50 states, making it convenient for you to secure financing regardless of location.

High Loan-to-value (Ltv) Options

Our loan programs typically offer up to 70% loan-to-value, and certain qualified borrowers may even qualify for up to 80% LTV. This means you can access a significant portion of the value of your timberland to fuel your growth and development.

Attractive 30-year Fixed Rates

Stability and predictability are essential when it comes to financing your timberland. That’s why we offer attractive 30-year fixed-rate options, providing you with a long-term solution to manage your financial needs effectively.

Flexible Loan Amounts

Whether you need a minimum loan amount of $400,000 or require a larger loan of up to $50,000,000, we have the flexibility to accommodate various financial needs.

Streamlined Process

Our efficient loan approval process ensures that you get timely access to the funds you need, allowing you to make strategic decisions for your timberland investments.

Timber Land Loans Made Easy

At United Farm Mortgage, we believe in a seamless and hassle-free loan process. Here’s how it works:

Initial Consultation

Get in touch with our experienced loan officers to discuss your timberland financing needs and goals.

Customized Solution

We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized loan package that aligns with your specific requirements and financial objectives.

Efficient Processing

Our streamlined loan approval process ensures quick and efficient processing, so you can access funds when needed.

Expert Support

Throughout the loan process and beyond, our team of experts will be by your side, offering guidance and support every step of the way.


The typical loan-to-value (LTV) ratio for timber land loans at United Farm Mortgage is up to 70%. However, certain qualified borrowers may be eligible for up to 80% LTV. The actual LTV offered depends on factors such as the borrower’s creditworthiness, the quality and volume of timber as collateral, and the overall financial health of the timberland operation.

At United Farm Mortgage, we offer attractive 30-year fixed-rate options for timber land loans. This long-term financing solution provides stability and predictability for your timberland investment. Additionally, our experienced team can customize loan terms to match the growth or maturity of your timber stand and harvesting plans, ensuring that the repayment structure aligns with your business goals.

Yes, United Farm Mortgage offers equipment financing specifically designed for timberland operators. Whether you need to acquire new harvesting equipment, processing machinery, or transportation vehicles, our flexible equipment financing solutions can help you stay competitive and enhance the efficiency of your timber operations.

Absolutely! Our refinancing options can be an excellent solution if you currently have loans with less favorable terms or high-interest rates. By refinancing your existing debt, you can potentially save on interest costs and improve your overall financial situation. Our team will work with you to tailor the refinancing package to better align with your current timberland goals and cash flow.

At United Farm Mortgage, we understand the importance of a timely loan approval process. While the exact timeline may vary depending on individual circumstances, we strive to make the process as efficient as possible. Generally, you can expect a relatively quick turnaround, and our team will keep you informed throughout the application and approval stages.

Why United Farm Mortgage?

United Farm Mortgage

Our customers are important to us because we genuinely appreciate the value the agricultural industry brings to our nation. Farming and ranching is hard work, and in times of unyielding weather and struggling economies, the challenges are even greater.

United Farm Mortgage

We understand complex financial structures as well as the issues attached with family-owned farms with multiple owners, and specialize in sibling buyouts. We have done many ranch loans for families in various states, and offer farm loans to the agricultural community.

United Farm Mortgage

Our services are designed to fit your financial needs and enable you to grow your business in the easiest way possible. Location is not an issue as we service farm and agricultural properties in all 50 states.

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