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Agricultural, farm, timber and general land loans

Each farmer has unique needs based on activities on his farm. Getting credit from commercial institutions becomes a challenge because of their stringent and restrictive terms. United Farm Mortgage specializes in financial support for farm owners. This enables the owners to access flexible terms that match their agricultural activities and output.

The lending products target farmers in full-time and part-time agricultural activities. You will get finances to enable you fulfill your farming dreams. The packages include long term fixed rate loans, low and flexible interest rates. This will keep your land in operation throughout and also profitable.

Do you have a timber ranch, cattle ranch or any ranch that is involved in agriculture? Are you in need of reliable financial support through flexible loans and lines of credit? Talk to our officers for the best packages. United Farm Mortgage provides funds to purchase new farms, expand existing ones, improve on ongoing activities, etc. Present your proposal to the office for swift approval and wiring of funds.

Recreational And Large Tracks Of Land Loans

Do you want to invest in such recreational activities as fishing, wildlife, hunting, etc? Do you want to engage in conservation targeting wildlife on a large piece of land and need initial capital? United Farm Mortgage will finance your dream through a flexible and customized loan. With experts in recreation agriculture and full understanding of this segment, you are guaranteed a flexible loan that meets your needs and expectations. The loan can be used to purchase, improve the recreation pack, add unique features, etc.

Short Lines of Credit

Agricultural activities are highly seasonal and do not guarantee constant flow of returns unlike other businesses. Your farm still requires funds for daily operations. There is a flexible loan facility to enable you bridge the running needs during hard financial times. It is designed with your crops or animals in mind such that you remain afloat until the next harvest season. The rates are flexible and highly customized. Loans are secured by Real Estate only.

United Farm pays close attention to the unique needs of each farmer. You are guaranteed flexible terms that give you the comfort to effectively operate your farm. With a revolving line of credit, your operations will never be crippled because of finances. Consult our agricultural lending experts to develop a customized plan.

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