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Agriculture is the backbone of most economies in the world, more so here in the US. As a result, this industry presents many business opportunities. The agriculture industry employs many people and is a very profitable venture. However, discerning what part of the business to venture into can be quite troublesome. Discussed here are some of the most lucrative agricultural business ideas.

Why Agriculture?

  1. The agriculture sector creates employment opportunities for many Americans and contributes to the country’s GDP.
  2. The agricultural sector is not as risky as other sectors.
  3. There’s a ready market for agricultural products in America. America has more than 329 million people who depend on food for survival.
  4. Agriculture is an easy business to start. You can start small scale, medium scale, and large scale.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable agriculture businesses in the US. There is a ready market for poultry products, and they are highly acceptable in the market. Poultry products include meat and eggs. If you’re interested in poultry farming, you need to do a feasibility study on poultry farming. The main factors you need to consider are choice of bird, finance, land, equipment, and good management.

Cattle Farming

Cattle rearing is also a lucrative business idea because cattle products are always in demand. You can consider starting a ranch or a dairy farm. Meat and milk are consumed directly by almost every home in the United States. You will need grazing land, a cattle pen, buying young cattle, feeding systems, and a great marketing strategy to start a cattle farm. The good news is that you can apply for a farm mortgage loan to get started with your farm.

Lavender Farming

Starting a lavender farm is a very profitable business venture. Various industries use lavender products for different purposes. The many ways to make money from a lavender farm include: selling fresh or dried lavender creating fragrance sachets, lotions, soaps, teas, medicines, flavorings, and other products. You can also send your product to manufacturing companies, but this works with a good marketing strategy.

Fish Farming

Fish products have always been popular with consumers, either directly or indirectly. Hence, fish farming business is a promising direction in the agriculture sector. Growing fish in artificial reservoirs or ponds will generate good income for you. Some factors to consider are climatic conditions, water properties, and a good marketing strategy.

Fruit Growing

Fruits are always in demand here in the US. They are consumed directly by people and used by manufacturing companies as raw materials. Therefore, starting a good fruit farm can be your path to agricultural success. There are a variety of fruits you can grow depending on the climatic conditions in your area. Thus, do enough market research to know what fruits to grow and have enough land. However, you can apply for a farm mortgage loan to acquire land.

Vegetable Farming

If you are a first-time farmer, the vegetable business should be type-of-business. With this business, you start generating income from the word go. The market for vegetables is ever ready, and there are various niches to choose from; this is the easiest market to venture into. However, choose the niche that fits your criteria and start commercially. Vegetable farming is profitable but requires some training before starting.

Soy farming

Soybeans are among the world’s valued crops. As a result, its production has been heightened here in the US. Soybeans are used in milk production, spice production, to name a few. The demand for soybeans is very high. You can consider venturing into this business and exporting or even selling them locally. However, you will need first to understand the steps required in planting, maintaining, and harvesting soybeans. Make sure you have enough land.

Tomato Farming

I am sure you have consumed a tomato today. You can already see how valuable a tomato is. Tomato farming is among the most profitable market in the USA. 95% of food can’t be complete without tomatoes. Tomatoes are consumed daily and go with almost every food. There are also health benefits associated with tomatoes, making them even more attractive. Interestingly, growing tomatoes is very simple and does not need any special knowledge to start; this is a great venture to invest in.

Flower farming

Did you know that growing flowers in the US is a very profitable business venture? Cut flowers have proved to be the most profitable flowers, with profits of up to $30000 per acre. You can start this part-time, supplying to the local market outlets like the farmers market, florists and restaurants. The good part is that cut flowers are easy to grow, produce quickly and supply a good income throughout the earning period. The starting costs are also relatively low.

Equine Facility

Starting a horse farm is a lucrative business idea. Even though the starting costs are quite high, having your business up and running is very profitable. You can apply for a loan from a mortgage lender specializing in equine facilities. You can earn money by offering horse riding lessons, renting out your arena, or even horse breeding. However, to run a horse farm you need a diploma or bachelor’s degree in agriculture or equine management.

In conclusion, agriculture is a very profitable venture. No agriculture means no food. Therefore, be very confident that as you invest in the agriculture industry, you embark on a journey to making millions. The good news is that you can always team up with an agricultural lender and obtain farm mortgage loans to finance your business venture. Most lenders offer customized loans to their clients depending on their needs. For example, if you want an equestrian loan, a firm offers such loans. In this case, United Farm Mortgage is an agricultural lender that offers customized loans to its clients. We have been in the business for a long time and understand the industry dynamics.