How Do Horse Farms and Riding Stables Make Money?

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Horses are a costly hobby because they require a lot of attention, space, and food. Since your equine can be expensive to care for, you may want to supplement the expenses. Making money with horse farms doesn’t seem easy, but it’s a great source of income. This post will explore how horse farms, riding stables, and other equine businesses can make money. Read on to learn more.

How to Make Money with Horse Farms and Riding Stables

As we said earlier, horses are costly to manage. But fortunately, there are several ways to turn your passion for horses into a profitable venture. Here, we’ll show you different ways to earn money with horse farms and riding stables.

Provide Horse Boarding Service

You can easily make extra cash by providing horse boarding services if you have enough space. Boarding services sometimes include horse care, such as blanketing, stall cleaning, and more.

You need on-site amenities like a spare stall, plenty of hay, and a safe horse environment to provide this service. The best way to make enough money from boarding horses is by knowing how much other stables in your neighborhood are charging. You will make steady money if you charge a bit lower than your competitor to attract more clients.

Offer Grooming Services

Horse grooming might be the perfect option if you’re searching for a way to make extra money and love horses. Grooming horses can be rewarding though it requires a lot of time and effort.

You need a brush, curry comb, hoof pick, and mane comb to start. You may also need to invest in conditioner and shampoo designed for horses. Once you have all these supplies, you’re ready to start the horse grooming service. You can charge a weekly or monthly fee for repeat clients or have a one-time price.

Provide Horse Riding Lessons

You can make money by offering new or amateur riders horse riding lessons. New or inexperienced riders looking for a way to practice will love working with an experienced rider. In addition, horse riding lessons improve riding abilities and help instill belief in amateur or young riders who are just getting into working or playing with horses.

Ensure you are confident working with other riders before you start giving horse lessons, and tell them what they need to do and what they must not do while on the horse. Try to set your prices ahead and stick to them, even if you are undercharging. You can always increase your service price once you become more established.

Rent Out Your Horse Arena

Owners who take their horses to competitions always look for a safe and welcoming place to practice. If you have enough space, you should consider sharing that area with others for horse riding at a small cost. Even some people who ride a horse for fun may feel like changing their environment by exercising their horses in a different arena from time to time.

If you’re ready to start renting your horse arena, inform your friends or the horse-riding community that you are offering your stable at a reasonable price. Depending on the time and effort you want to commit to this hobby, you can charge per hour or a fixed price for riders using your arena. In addition, clients should be able to trailer their horses into your space easily.

Lease Your Horse

Horse learners are always looking for a horse to ride. If a new rider who doesn’t have a horse has outgrown a pony, leasing your horse is an excellent way for them to get used to riding a horse, and you can also make extra money.

You can lease your horse to practicing riders for hours and make money. The good things about this venture are that you get to reduce the costs involved in taking care of your horse, and your horse will get enough exercise daily rather than staying idle.

Exercise Horses For Cash

Another way to make money with horse farms and riding stables are by exercising other people’s horses. This is an excellent way to earn extra income and doesn’t require much effort and time. Of course, we all know about people who walk dogs or other pets for money, but this could be the perfect job if you love horse riding.

All you need to do is find people in your neighborhood who own a horse but don’t have the time to exercise their equine friend. Then, you can offer to exercise the horse for them for a small amount. After that, you can charge per hour or session, depending on your experience.

Sell Photos Of Your Horse

If you own horse farms and have photography skills, you can make money by taking pictures of your horse and selling them. One option is to sell your horse stock photos through websites such as Shutterstock or iStockphoto. In fact, there are several places to sell stock photos for cash.

The website will handle all the details of uploading and selling your photos, while you will earn a commission on each image sold. Another alternative is to sell your horse prints directly to horse enthusiasts. You can do this through online galleries such as Etsy and Shopify or by setting up a booth at horse events.

Make Money With Horse Farming

Starting a horse farming business can be emotional, ranging from excitement at being self-employed to following a passion for fearing the unknown over what is needed to succeed.

Before diving into a new venture that could change your life, you must create a business plan. This plan will help you assess your current knowledge and whether you need financial help.

At United Farm Mortgage, we offer several horse barn financing options to meet your farm and riding stables needs. Depending on your current financial situation, we can work with you to make generating money through your horse farming a reality. Call us today if you are ready to discuss your project.

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