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Applying for farm loans help farmers grow their farm, and United Farm Mortgage is ready to help farmers build, expand, and maintain just about any type of farmland. Loans for farmers also help farmers struggling with their finances to keep the farm up and running.

Why Choose United Farm Mortgage?

United Farm Mortgage does not only care about farmers and their struggles, but also appreciates and values the entire agricultural industry. Without farmers doing all the hard work to grow produce and ranchers for livestock and poultry— Americans will have a hard time getting their basic needs met. For over 35 years, we have assisted many farmers across all 50 states, and you can be one of them.

Without getting the support in times of need, especially when the economy is struggling and when mother nature sets its course for unyielding weather conditions that can damage each farmer’s livelihood—we are happy to help farmers get through every struggle and produce more products for the entire country to benefit from. We care for farmers, and we care for everyone.

Our low-interest farmland loans are created to ensure that every farmer gets the chance to do what they know best. We believe in supporting them and giving them the value they deserve because of their under-appreciated importance to the entire country. We support not only men but also women farmers—and farmers of any race and ethnicity without discrimination.

Here at United Farm Mortgage, we offer two types of loans for farms. We offer financing for farmers with the most reasonable farmland loan interest rates. Our loans can help you as they have helped and continue to assist farmers in most places in the United States. If you were wondering how we can help, here are some benefits you can expect with our farmland loans.

Loans for Farmland: What to Expect

United Farm Mortgage is ready to help farmers in need to start the farm of their dreams. Many farmers struggle with their finances just to maintain the land they own, while some need money to expand and grow their current farms to maximize their profits and cash flow. If you are entitled to farm loans, here is what United Farm Mortgage can help you achieve:

Start and expand

United Farm Mortgage will help you start, expand, improve, strengthen, market, and transition ranch or family farm operations. As long as the farm earns a reasonable amount of income yearly, you can loan up to $400,000 regardless of the size of the operation.

No discrimination

No matter what gender, ethnicity, or regardless of your social status—United Farm Mortgage offers the same opportunities and helps any type of farmer start and grow their farm.

Enables siblings to maintain the operation

Farmlands are typically maintained and operated by siblings and family members. United Farm Mortgage will enable siblings to maintain the farm operations when one sibling can no longer do so.

Benefits for any type of farm

Whether you own or want to buy a farm, ranch, vineyard, grove, dairy, a large equestrian operation, orchard, or other alternative farming methods—United Farm Mortgage can help. Some farm loan companies do not offer the same benefits and rates for alternative farming methods like hydroponics, aeroponics, vertical farming, freight container farming, etc. But we can help you expand these non-traditional farming methods with the same amount of support.

Full-time and part-time farmers

Our loans are offered to both full-time and part-time farmers. As long as you can run your farm, whether it is to make money full-time or just want to operate a farm as a hobby—you can still be eligible for these low-interest loans.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what to expect and how we can help, here are the types of farm loans offered by United Farm Mortgage and everything you need to know about what we offer:

Farm and Ranch Loans

This loan offers farmers financing for purchasing more land to expand their farms. It also covers renovating their current facilities, upgrading equipment, and offering to finance for producing more livestock. Many farmers can maximize their profits from their farms. However, they may be struggling with their means to do so—in which case, this loan is made just for that reason.

This loan is also available for first-time or start-up farmers who want to purchase land. If you already have farmland and need to obtain seeds, grains, and livestock to start the farm. First-time farmers find it daunting to learn how to manage and acquire the best farming equipment to get started—which is why this loan is designed to help ease them from getting overwhelmed.

If you are a farmer who believes that you have what it takes to manage a bigger farm or ranch and need money to expand quickly—you may be eligible for this type of loan.

Farm Mortgage Loans

We offer this type of loan for farmers who may be struggling financially to maintain their land. Any good farmer can keep their farm up and running, but not all of them have enough resources to get through struggling economies and extreme weather conditions that may damage their crops. That said, United Farm Mortgage offers farm mortgage loans for farmers needing financial assistance to keep their farms alive.

This loan is also designed for new farmers who received farmland as an inheritance. Suppose you obtained farmland that was passed down from family members. In that case, you can apply for this loan to help you transition to a different kind of product, which involves renovating and purchasing different equipment to start growing new produce and raising new livestock.

This loan isn’t necessarily for bankrupt farms. It is designed to offer financial assistance to keep a struggling farm alive and to aid in overhead costs to keep the farm running. The farm mortgage loan is ideal for farmers who need the means to become successful by transitioning their farm, but not ideal for first-time farmers who want to start a new farm.

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