What Financing Options are Available for Cattle Ranch Owners?

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Agriculture is often said to be one of the most lucrative career options for people living in the countryside or possessing large amounts of farmland. And while the statement has been widely proven to be true, it’s often difficult to actualize without sufficient capital.

For farmers and cattle ranchers alike, the issue of insufficient capital has posed a significant problem for their farming and ranching activities. As a result, many cattle ranchers have been forced to shut down due to a shortage of funds to procure livestock or maintain daily operations.

And even though many organizations have sprung up to help combat this issue and keep ranchers in business, many ranch owners still find it difficult to access loans that will help keep their businesses afloat.

So, what exactly are the financing options that are available for cattle ranch owners? Let’s take a look!

Financing Options Available for Cattle Ranch Owners:

  • Personal savings or equity: This is usually the first option many ranchers and business owners choose. People with considerable investments and equity can afford to sell some and use the proceeds to invest in their business. In fact, a lot of cattle ranchers have been known to invest part or all of their savings towards starting up a new ranch or maintaining an existing one. And while this might not be the best financing option, in the long run, it is definitely a lifeline for ranchers looking for a lifeboat to keep their ranch from going under. But if you don’t have any savings or equity to turn to, other loan options are available for you to take advantage of.
  • Personal loans: It’s not uncommon to see business owners take out huge personal loans to invest in their business. This is often the case for cattle ranchers who have had difficulty securing cattle ranch loans for their businesses from one or more commercial sources in the past. These ranchers leverage their good credit scores towards securing loans from banks and other 3rd party lenders. And although these loans come at high-interest rates, its often better than the alternative, sitting by and letting the business go under.
  • Bank loans: Commercial banks often provide business loans for various businesses and startups. These loans usually come in the form of operation loans or term loans. Operation loans are a line of credit to help the rancher finance their daily operations. They are paid back once the rancher receives revenue from their livestock. On the other hand, term loans are provided to help with infrastructure or finance any other improvements or expansions the rancher wishes to make. These loans are usually longer than operations loans and are made to match the life expectancy or depreciation value of the purchase.
  • Land loans: This type of loan is typically offered to ranchers to help them purchase land to start a new ranch or expand an existing one. Land loans usually have a strict use case. They are used only for purchasing land relating to cattle ranching or any other farm activity.
  • Construction loans: Like land loans, this type of loan also has a strict use case. Construction loans are provided to ranchers looking for capital to finance the construction of barns, fences, milking facilities, and any other buildings that will aid in the smooth operation of the ranch.
  • Dairy farm loans: While land and construction loans are vital for any ranch owner, there is still the question of capital to purchase livestock, feed, and other raw material inputs. Enter dairy loans; these loans can be used to finance just about anything on the farm, including new equipment, expansion of the herd, and the day to day operations. Unlike land and construction loans, this type of loan has a more flexible use case. However, any restrictions stipulated by the lender will be outlined in the loan agreement.
  • Business credit cards: Sometimes, applying and getting approved for a farm loan can be tedious, especially when dealing with commercial banks. Ranchers in this situation usually turn to business credit cards as a quick financing alternative instead of waiting for the bank. Just like personal credit cards, these types of credit cards help businesses, including farm and ranch owners, make quick decisions regarding their businesses. For cattle ranch owners, this financing option usually comes in handy when they’re looking to expand their herd by taking advantage of the low market prices of livestock and other necessary equipment.
  • Agricultural lenders: Agricultural lenders are the crème de la crème of loans when it pertains to farms or cattle ranch loans. Lenders in this category, like United Farm Mortgage, usually have a vast knowledge of farms and cattle ranches.

They provide various long-term loans that allow ranchers to easily finance their startup or existing ranch operations. These loans often cover everything from:

  • Land
  • Construction
  • Equipment
  • Dairy and raw materials
  • And day to day operations.

Furthermore, these lenders also provide loans to enable ranchers to purchase countryside estates with houses alongside the farms where the ranchers can live. They also leverage their connections and resources to help ranchers acquire equipment and livestock in cheaper and more favorable conditions.

And above all, because the lenders have knowledge of the business, their terms are usually more flexible and favorable enough to account for periods of shortages and ill luck that might occur during a ranching season.

The Best Financing Option for Cattle Ranch Owners

While there are many financing options out there for cattle ranch owners, choosing one that is suitable for your capital and business needs can be quite tedious. Nonetheless, it’s always advisable to go with a financing option that is comprehensive enough to cover all your land, construction, livestock, and raw material needs.

That’s where we come in; at United Farm Mortgage, we provide long-term loans with favorable conditions to allow you to pay at your own pace while considering the nuances of the business. In our journey to becoming the premier agricultural lender in the U.S, we have provided numerous short- and long-term loans for the purchase of various countryside estates, farmlands, and cattle ranches.

We have been in the agricultural loan business for over 15 years, and we are undoubtedly the best financing option for cattle ranch owners. But hey, don’t take our word for it; you can see for yourself by taking a peek at some of the cattle ranch loans we provide for cattle ranch owners.


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