4 Reasons Why Farming Businesses Will Continue to Be in High Demand

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Agriculture is the bedrock of any sustainable and flourishing society. People need food to survive, and without agriculture, civilizations will surely go extinct. And even though employment in white-collar jobs has been on the increase, there will always be a growing demand for farmers and farming businesses.

Here are 4 reasons why farming businesses will continue to be in high demand.

Agriculture is Essential

Human beings cannot survive without food. Just as machines need fuel to work, we humans also need food to live and perform our daily activities. Therefore, as long as human beings continue to exist, there will always be a growing demand for food and the farming businesses responsible for food production.

In fact, every year, the World Food Programme (WFP) spends billions of dollars in an attempt to provide food to millions of people undergoing starvation. And even though its impact is largely felt by people worldwide, about 828 million people still go to bed hungry each night.

This makes it important now more than ever for farmers to rise and step up to the growing hunger crisis in the nation. This means an increase in the number of farmers and farming businesses that cater to the world’s food needs.

Agriculture Feeds Other Industries

Agriculture is a large industry with branches that touch almost every sector of the economy. For example, the leather industry relies on the hides of animals to produce leather shoes for walking and chairs for sitting.

Manufacturers producing cereals, flour, and other breakfast delights rely on wheat, corn, and other agricultural inputs for their raw materials. Even the milling industry needs raw materials from farmers to produce cotton, silk, wool, and other fabrics we wear daily.

Furthermore, the agricultural sector sustains the economy of many nations. For example, countries like Brazil, India, and Mexico use proceeds from agricultural products to bankroll their economy. These proceeds are used to develop roads, schools, hospitals, and other amenities needed for basic human living. This makes agriculture a vital part of the construction industry and the nation at large.

Increase in Population

The world’s population is increasing exponentially, and with it comes an increase in demand for food, clothing, and shelter. More births each day equals more mouths to feed and cloth. This means an increased demand for crops, meat, and animal products.

To meet this ever-growing demand, farmers must improve how they cultivate and harvest crops. This means leveraging automated machinery to plow the ground, the use of drones and GPS to improve the cultivation and monitoring of crops, as well as new harvesting techniques to reduce wastage.

Furthermore, the increasing demand for agricultural activities would also require farmers to use new and innovative crop strains that perform better in the soil. This would help shorten harvest times and increase crop output. Plus, with innovative seed strains, the crops become more resistant to diseases that attack them during the farming season.

Agriculture Provides Jobs

White-collar jobs are good, but the banking and technology sector is not the only place where they can be found. Agriculture is a multifaceted field with branches and divisions that include fields like:

  • Crop Science
  • Research and Developments
  • Molecular Biology
  • Horticulture
  • Agricultural Engineering

And a host of other fields. The list of fields within the agricultural industry is endless, and each field can provide gainful employment to millions of people worldwide. Moreover, aside from the farmers who have to be onsite to plant, supervise and harvest their crops. Most of the agricultural sector jobs are white-collar jobs involving a desk and a computer screen.

For instance, molecular biologists stay in a lab to manipulate various genetic strains of crops till they find one that promises better results in the field. Consequently, the accountant uses a computer screen to calculate the income and expenditure the farming business makes to determine when the business turns a profit or a loss.

These are just some of the white-collar job opportunities whose inputs are needed to ensure that farming businesses succeed against all odds. Furthermore, because of the ever-rising demand for food and agricultural products. The agricultural sector boasts a 100% employment rate for young graduates seeking employment in agriculture.

Now that we’ve established that farming businesses will continue to be in high demand, the next question is, how can we help farmers do better? To answer the question in two words; Farmland Financing. Here’s how!

How Can Farmland Financing Help Farmers Do Better?

One of the major setbacks farmers have when operating their businesses is capital. Like every other business, the agricultural sector is moving from a labor-intensive industry to a capital-intensive one. This means using sophisticated machinery and equipment to manage and operate farmlands rather than relying on intensive human labor.

As a result, farmers need capital and lots of it in order to procure the latest equipment and tools they need to run their businesses. By providing farmland financing, farmers can:

  • Increase their output
  • Save money
  • Cut down production and harvest times
  • Expand their business
  • Reduce losses
  • Minimize wastage during harvest times

These are just some of the ways farmland financing can help farmers do better. So how do these farmers get the finance they need to do better for themselves and society? That’s where United Farm Mortgage comes in.

United Farm Mortgage is committed to helping farmers improve their businesses by providing comprehensive farmland financing options. We have a variety of farmland financing packages that are uniquely suited to the various needs of farmers.

We also have a team of experts that are grounded in various agricultural sectors. In addition to providing farmland financing, our team of experts is also available to provide support and resources to help you take your business to the next level.

And with us as your partners, you can rest assured knowing that you have all the tools you need to excel and do better.

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